MyBoogie's goal to teach boogie-woogie dance and to make it more popular. Learn what boogie is about and come to us for a boogie class at Oktogon Dance School!

What kind of dance is boogie-woogie?

Boogie is the ancestor of rock'n'roll, it arose in the 20ies and 30ies. It is a cheerful dance with very diverse elements and can be danced in couples. Harmony with the music and with the partner is important. It is a truly universal dance, meaning it can be danced to many kinds of music. Its slow version is mainly linked to jazz, smooth-jazz and blues music while its fast version is danced to many styles of music from swing to party rock and roll. You can also hear and see boogie on concerts as a lot of bands play boogie-woogie music in Hungary (e.g. Group’n’Swing, Pedrofon) and the dancefloor is always full of dancers. Watch our videos as well!

Why us?

  • We repeat the most important messages (during the course) in English
  • Two teachers are present on the classes so you can learn the patterns quicker and easier
  • You can learn in Hungary’s biggest dance school
  • We give you music for free to which you can practice at home
  • You can watch the steps and patterns on video so you don’t forget what you’ve learned
  • You can also come without a dance partner
  • Good mood on the classes is guaranteed
  • Regular parties ensure dance is not only about learning but also about fun

Contact / Registration

For the current courses please see the Hungarian Courses page, or contact us by phone or e-mail:

  • Dorka Pósz (female): +36-20-806-2518,
  • Márton Pósz (male): +36-20-491-0314,

If you are interested in our beginner courses (which you can still join), we are part of the Táncválasztó ("Dance Selector") site, which collects all the beginner courses. So, you can find all the details and book online as well: Boogie-woogie beginner courses, online!

Our courses are on Thurdays and Sundays, located in the central of Budapest: 1062 Budapest, Aradi utca 1. (at Oktogon).


  • A season ticket with 8 occasions costs 8800 HUF, you can miss 1 lession.
  • A season ticket with 4 occasions costs 4400 HUF.
  • For one lession there is a fee of 1500 HUF.


On the beginner boogie course you can learn the basics of leading and following, the basic steps and couple of easy patterns. You can also learn the typical structure of boogie-woogie music.


On the intermediate boogie course you can learn further patterns and you will be able to dance self-confidently to a bit faster songs as well. Leading in harmony with the music gets a bigger emphasis.

Boogie Club

On each occasion we repeat what we’ve learned previously and learn something new, or a more complicated patterns. Focus is on making leading and following as well as balance more perfect, and applying music interpretation during the whole dance.